Thursday, 3 January 2013

Inspriation dump!!

Today I want to share some things that are currently inspiring me to make awesomeness!! And give a sneaky peek at some things to come!

First up, this lady has mad skills:

She makes crazy felt hats, inspired by real animals. Like the stag hat in the picture.

Which has inspired me to get creative with my felting on a big scale! In the past I've made jewellery and dreads with felt, but now I want to make some giant bunny ears, mounted on wire to be attached to my top hat! I'm thinking mad march hare gone wrong is going to be a festival outfit this year! Watch this space!!


Next up, and still on the festival costume train of thought, I want to make a giant dragon tail! I have seen a company called festival tails, who make different designs of tails to wear while partying your arse off in a field! But I'm thinking bigger. Those tails are cool but I want a massive ridiculous tail that drags along the floor and causes chaos!

I'm also debating antlers...probably papier mache antlers. Found a good tutorial for papier mache animal heads that I'm sure I could adapt.

Lots of plans!
More than I can ramble on about here.

If you are interested seeing more things that inspire me check out my pinterest boards:

If you have any suggestions of things I might like leave me a comment! I love seeing other peoples creativity!


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